Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Monday

The ship had some of the best food ever! My 2 favorite things were the cream puffs that were just out of this world and the french toast. I have always like french toast, but the french toast on the ship was out of this world. It was about 2 inches thick, blueberries, syrup, fresh whip cream.....oh my lord my mouth is just watering! I hate it 6 days out of the 7. I tried a lot of stuff on the ship and believe me the scales shows it. Every bite of the french toast was worth it. 

Art loved the sausage gravy and biscuits. He asked me if I would make a pot of gravy each Sunday for the week when we got home. LOL I told him biscuits and gravy are a treat not an every day thing. I will make a pot of gravy each week when Art makes me fresh french toast each morning. lol

Well it is time to get back on the wagon and eating healthy. My scale is SCREAMING at me. lol  We will be eating lots of salad, smoothies, and fruit. Today it is back to having veggie smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch and veggies & meat for dinner.