Monday, August 5, 2013

Menu Monday

Some of my friends and I are cleaning out our freezers and pantries this week. I have some random items I need to use up. I also told Art we aren't eating out this week. We are getting ready for vacation, so it is time to save money. We went to Costco this past weekend and walked out over $200. I can't believe how much each Costco trip ends up being. We bought a few clothing items, breakfast for my Sunday School class yesterday for 50 people, 4 bags of my favorite kale salad kit and some random snacks. How in the world did that add up to $200?  

Here are the random items I need to use this week. 

Hot links
Pork chops
Chicken parm
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Fresh veggies

It should be interesting the things I come up with this week. I decided my food this week doesn't all have to go together. lol  There is also a possible Bart strike that will start any minute. If that happens we might be eating oatmeal all week. Ugh! Traveling 3-4 hours to work each day is horrific!