Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A house is not a home without a dog!

On Saturday Art said Sammy was acting funny. I didn't notice he was acting funny because he was laying down when Art told me. Art got up & left the room. Sammy decided to jump off the couch. He looked like he was drunk. He couldn't walk straight, leaning to one side and could barely walk. I yelled for Art. We decided to take him to the vet. Sammy got excited when I put his collar on, so I thought he might want to walk with me to the truck. That is when it got worse. He started to run, fell over and couldn't walk. 

Art & I were a mess! We left him at the vet for about 2 hours. They called to say they weren't sure if he hurt his leg or if it was neurological. If he hurt his leg it would repair itself in a couple weeks. The vet was running a bunch of tests and would call us on Sunday with the results. The thought of losing our little furbaby was just waaaay too much to even think about. I was in tears until we picked him up. Once I saw him I felt a lot better. 

Sunday Sammy seemed to get worse. He was yelping like crazy when he moved or we moved him. He was in so much pain. He was shaking in pain after he snapped at a fly. He LOVES to chase bugs. The vet called us later in the afternoon to go over his blood work. All his blood work was completely fine. I started to tell her what was going on. She was very concerned and told us to take him to a vet that was open. 

Oh boy was the second vet a disaster. She pretty much told us he needed surgery or we would need to put him down. I was in tears trying to hold it together. We were sent to the specialty hospital. I held Sammy the whole way there bawling. Thank goodness because vet #3 Dr. Finster was simply AMAZING! She examined Sammy and came to us with options. We did not want to do surgery. Dr. Finster told us he had a ruptured disk in his neck. She was very optimist he would return to almost normal with steroids and complete bed rest for 4-6 weeks. 

Sammy laid on the couch all night Saturday. We fed him on the couch. He was himself - alert and cuddly. He wasn't happy he had to lay around. When he would get up he would whine and yelp with pain. 

Saturday night was rough! Every time we left Sammy side he would whine & cry. Neither of us got much sleep. When Art would leave the room he didn't whine as much. I think he played Art more since he has Art wrapped around his paw. 

I stayed home with him on Monday and took him for a follow up appointment. I felt so much more hopeful on Monday that he will recover. He was NOT happy with the fact he was in doggy jail. He spent most of the day sleeping or whining. I would hold in occasionally to reassure him we love him. I just want him to recover the best he can, so he will be living in the kennel up to 6 weeks. I am going to be the strict mean parent who will enforce the rules. The mother in law will get strict instructions later today on what she must do when Sammy is at her house. 

As you can see above Sammy ignored me when I put him in his kennel. lol Pouter! Needless to say our weekend was crazy emotional. I am so glad he seems to be doing better. He is barking at the mailman, eating, responding when his paws are turned upside down, pouting because we are mean. He will not eat or drink in his kennel. When I put water in there he dumped it over. I put some food it there he took his nose and pushed it away. Typical toddler behavior when he doesn't get his way.