Friday, September 20, 2013

Front Yard DIY Rock Work

We have finally finished the front yard! Art has been working on cleaning the rocks for a couple months. We needed to add in additional rocks for awhile. We debated for awhile on what to do. When we made up our mind to get more rocks we ran into an issues regarding endangered rocks. Well we haven't been able to get the same rocks, so we went with another color to mix in with the old rocks. 

First load of rocks - half ton for the first load. The second load we bought three quarters of a ton.

We sorted through all the rocks pulling out all the dirt clumps, weeds etc. 

Art did most of the work above by sorting the rocks and laying down the fabric.

The rock company would have delivered the rocks to our house, but they charge $50. I am waaaaay too cheap to pay $50 when we could do it ourselves. 

I shoveled about 75% of the 1.25 ton of rocks we bought. I looked like I had been rolling around in the dirt for a month by the time we were done. I was soaking wet, muddy, and sore. 

We washed all the dust off the rocks. There was soooo much dirt in the rocks. I told Art he was a city boy to think of washing rocks before we lay them down. On the farm there is no way we would have washed any rocks. lol


It felt so amazing to have this job done. Next up we will be finishing the backyard. We have finally agreed to level the backyard and plant grass. My goal is to have it done in the month of September. Unfortunately I do not have the energy like I did before surgery/cancer. I was exhausted for an entire week after the front yard job. I just have to learn to do a little and rest. I barely rested while we were doing the front yard because I just wanted the job DONE. It was worth it in the end. 

We bought our rocks from Clark's U Save Rockery. It cost us about $80 for 1.25 tons of rock. If you are in the area I highly recommend checking out Clark's. They are very friendly and reasonable.