Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Blogs

I recently found two new blogs I started following. I am always looking for new fashion ideas. I need to mix what I wear or I am known to wear all black. 

One of my friends Carylee has a fabulous blog called More Pieces of Me. I love Carylee fashion and her love for Kate Spade. She has helped me become more brave with colors, mixing patterns, jewerly. She has a FABULOUS shoe collection. My mom would die to have that collection. One day I hope to have a closet half as fabulous as Carylee

I found Style Diary because of Carylee blog. I like this blog because she buys reasonable clothes. I don't like blogs that only buy high end clothing that hardly anyone can afford. I just started reading this blog, so I still have a lot of posts to go through. 

Check out More Pieces of Me and Style Diary for some great fashion! 


Carylee said...

Aww! Wow! Thanks for the shout out!!! So touched!

Carylee said...

Sorry if you are getting this twice, my computer is being wonky!! Just wanted to say thank you for the shout out! It means a lot and made me smile!