Friday, September 27, 2013

Kaleb ~ 9 Months

Look at the little hunk! He looks like a little boy and not a baby. Teeny tiny jeans, hoodie and vans. I didn't get a picture of the shoes. They were soooo tiny and adorable.

I recently bought Tommee Tippee bibs. I like plastic bibs I can wipe up instead of washing bibs. I had to search all over the place to find the boy colors. Every where had the pink and purple ones. Finally one of the Babies R Us had the boy colors. I put the bib on Kaleb for the first time and he was NOT happy. The picture above he is trying to get the thing off. lol I had to lay it flat and push it down in front of him. Once he realized it wasn't going to get in the way of his food he was ok. I love these bibs because I just throw them in the sink and wash them with a sponge.

 Art calls Kaleb Fry Guy. This shirt was fitting for the little Fry Guy!

Target $1 bins are my BFF. I get all types of props for Kaleb. lol


Hey, is that my favorite doggie singing?

I could barely get a picture while he was jumping up and down to the music.

Mesmerized by the singing dog.
Hard to believe he is 9 months already! This little guy gets all over the place. He army crawls. The coffee table, dog bowls, dog toys, DVD's, video games and anything else he shouldn't get into are the first things he goes for. The only thing that gets his attention is the little white dog that sings Justin Bieber. He LOVES that dog. The minute he see it he starts laughing and jumping around.
Art got Kaleb from Marcus the last time he came over. I was trying to still wake up at 5:30am. When I came to the livingroom he almost jumped out of Art's arms to get to me. I took Kaleb back to bed hoping he would go to sleep. He cuddled right up to me and started snoring. It made me melt!
Kaleb favorite nap place is the couch. Most of the time when he is tired he will climb onto my lap or lay on the couch with my hot pink fuzzy blanket. If he doesn't sleep on the couch the only other place he will sleep is on my side of the bed.


Krystal Regueiro said...

What an adorable little grandson!! I can't believe that he's already 9 months old, he looks so big...not a wee baby!! Time is flying by!!