Friday, May 23, 2014

Spoiled Little Boy Already!

Our little man is spoiled already! We have received so many clothes for him already. Art told me he is not a doll to dress up. Ha! That is what he thinks. Luckily kids go through a lot of clothes, so all the adorable outfits will be put to use. 

My grandma sent the outfits before for little Bing Bong. I LOVE bow ties!!! Aren't they just soooo cute!

My friend Alicia has a little boy that is 5 months old. She gave me all the clothes he has outgrown. I couldn't believe the bag of stuff she hauled out of her car to give me. She told me to come visit her in July and she will give us everything her son has outgrown. I love this!!!! 

Look at that pile of clothes!!! We are all set for the first 3-6 months. Pjs, onesies, pants, overalls, sleep sacks, swaddles lots of adorable stuff! The blog will be filled with lots of pictures of our little man wearing all this stuff.