Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life with George!

This boy is the life of the house! We started potty training the first of the year. He is doing very well for only being 2. He now likes to run around with only a shirt on. I have to dress a wild monkey every time we need to leave the house. 

He has decided his tool kit is also a medical kit. The nail needs to go in my ear and the screws in my eyes. He laughs so much when he is doing all this to me. 

Our entire neighborhood recently had mice in their houses. The rain drove those buggers into our houses. It was awful. Everyone was complaining. I was threatening to move out. I asked my dad if I could come stay with him, but the problem is he gets mice. I could tell some crazy mouse killing stories from the farm. 

Anyhow we caught those awful things. When Art would go to throw them out I would scream my head off. George just thought it was hysterical. He would laugh so hard. The other day I was doing laundry in the garage. I hear in the kitchen George yelling MOUSE MOUSE. I ran in there and said where is the mouse? He just started laughing. I asked him is there a mouse? He said nope. Crazy kid just wanted me to scream. 

Fixing his car with his drill and tools. He likes to help us fix things. He will come walking with his tools saying fix fix. 

He wanted to take a funny picture with our eye closed. 

He was having a grand time jumping on his new horse. He likes to get on there and fall off the sides. 

He loves to hide! He will get behind the couch cushions or under a blanket. You will hear all this laughing as he hides. Or he will tell us momma hide. I love how toddlers don't think you can see them if they can't see you. 

Him and his buddy threw all the animals out of the toy box, climbed inside and had a fun time playing. 

If I start to put the silverware away George will come running saying help help. He puts them all away in their correct place. Also if I am using the blender he pushes the chair up to the counter to do his job. He doesn't think anyone knows how to use the blender as good as he does.