Monday, January 16, 2017

No More Excuses!

I love using the app TimeHop. I love seeing pictures and comments on Social Media from 1-8 years back. The pictures of G always make me smile. I was looking at the pictures as I was walking on the treadmill the other day. I was shocked to see the picture on the left pop up. Holy cow! At times I don't feel I have lost that much weight or changed that much until I see some pictures. 

I took the picture on the left for a weight loss challenge I was doing 2 years ago. At the time I felt I looked pretty good. I had lost 25 pounds after having G. I felt like garbage though! There were times I wasn't sure how I was going to make it. My body felt seriously awful! I recently wrote some blog posts about how awful I was. I wasn't even sure I wanted to join that challenge because I was returning to work full time with a baby, I was exhausted, and who had time to add in trying to lose weight. I did it anyhow. I am glad I joined because it really helped push me to get back to being healthier. 

After I finished walking on the treadmill I decided I should take a picture of now. Seeing the pictures side by side really made me see the difference in how much weight I have lost in 2 years. I have lost 45 pounds and 38 inches. I no longer feel like garbage and my skin is so clear. I would say my skin hasn't ever been this clear since childhood. I have struggled with acne for 20+ years. I feel it has cleared up because I eat clean and use safe products

I have all the excuses in the world to not exercise and eat healthy. I could use my cancer or MS as an excuse. There are days I would rather just order take out food because I don't feel like cooking; Instead they are all reasons to exercise and eat healthy because I want to see G grow up! 

I started with taking small steps to getting healthier. Over the past 2 years it has really shown. Each day is a new beginning for you to take steps to become a healthier you!