Thursday, January 12, 2017


These two are so silly! They love to watch bloopers on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere they can find them. G refers to them as "oh no's". When people fall he will say oh no! If Art asks him do you want to watch "oh no's" he runs over to see what is happening. 

The problem is both of them love to pull pranks on me. I get scared by both of them when I walk into a dark room. One of them usually jumps out yelling. Thankfully there is a flashlight on my phone, so I have been using it to avoid jumping out of my skin. Art bought a bunch of fake mice and rats. He loves to leave them around. The other day he left one under the sink. I opened the cupboard and gasp. Then I realized it was one of those stupid fake rats. 

G got his little friend the other day with his fake spider. He threw it on her back as they were playing. He was cracking up laughing as she was screaming her head off.