Monday, April 5, 2010

200th Post

WOW I can't believe I have made 200 blog posts!

This post is an exciting post!!!!!!! We are nearing the end of our house process. Wednesday we have our home inspection at 10:30. Once the inspection is done they will replace the roof and tent the house. Wooooo hooooo!!!! Our scheduled date for closing is May 4th. The day after Art's birthday. So exciting!

Wednesday we will be taking lots of pictures, measuring windows for curtains, taking an inventory of the items we need to purchase for the house etc. I can't wait!!!!

The plan is for this to be our starter house and to upgrade in 5-7 years. I am wondering if I will ever get the itch to house hunt again in my life. I LOATH house hunting!!!! I do not understand why people enjoy looking for a house. It's the most awful chore ever!!!!

Back to work I go day dreaming of curtains, paint colors, decor and area rugs!!!!


bethierose said...

congratulations!!!! so so so happy for you becky!