Monday, April 19, 2010


Tonight as I was driving into our apartment complex Art calls. He said when you get here go to the dumpster and see if you want whats in there....we can dumpster dive together. I go look at it's a cute little cabinet! I ran to the house and said YES I want off we go to the dumpster! Pulled it out. I started dry heaving because something gross looking was on it. Art is laughing at me because I am dying. He said get the front and help carry this thing to the garage. Off we went dry heaving all the way.

We get in the house change and out the door we go.....time to go pick up my craigslist find. I found a chandelier on Craigslist for $30. It's very similar to the one we paid $80 at Costco. We need another one for the kitchen.


bethierose said...

oh my goodness! the little cabinet is adorable! and good job on the CL find! :)

mamakrystal said...

AWESOME!!!!! You are doing just a great job on your house stuff, I'm so proud of you!