Friday, April 30, 2010

The Count Down is On!

6.5 hours until we sign our lives away. At 7pm we will be signing our loan papers tonight.

4 days until we sign our lives away AGAIN.....on Tuesday we sign our closing papers and get the keys to our very first home!!!!!

12 days until we break our backs moving!!!! On May 12 we are planning to move our entire lives.

Such a wave of emotion! As I was packing up the apartment I was a little sad. This is our first place. I love our apartment, BUT we are running out of room. We probably wouldn't be running out of room if I hadn't started buying TONS of stuff for the house.

Remember this post? So far we have reached the first goal. I am sooo excited about our home. I can't wait to paint, decorate and just enjoy our home. I never thought I could own a home let alone in California. Thank God for Veterans and the VA program.