Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I purchased all items today for $20 bucks. I was very excited about all of them. I felt like I was hitting gold at each thrift store I walked into. The first two stores had 30% & 50% off all items.

The green basket above is the only item I paid full price of $2.99. I will spray paint it to use in my craft room.
I thought this plate ws very cute to maybe put beside the stove for spoons or next to the sink for a sponge. It was only $.48. How could I pass it up?

Liberty of London bag. I saw it and thought it was rather cute. They wanted $6.98. I thought naw not for a used bag. I went up to the register saw a sign that all purses were 50% off....ran back and grab it.

I spent less than $3 for all 3 items. I will spray paint the base, wooden part and then gorilla glue them together. I can't wait to use this in my kitchen!!!

My new glass jar for oxy clean. I am not a fan of the color bucket it comes in....I saw this and knew this was perfect!!!!

One thrift store I visited twice today. The one that was offering 50% off house wares, purses etc. I saw this square vase marked $7.98. No deal even though the sticker on the bottom said $19 from Pottery Barn. I am super cheap when it comes to thrift stores. I want a bargain or forget it. As I was driving down the road I realized HEY that vase is 50%. I went back for it.

Laundry sign was $3 plus 30% off.

This was laying with the bottom showing on a shelf only. I pulled it out and to my surprise was very excited to see this beauty!!!! I got it for less than $3.50.
I came home with a car load of great stuff!!!! I will use all these items. Art was not very happy with all my new "treasures". We have spent the weekend packing the apartment. He said GREAT more junk to pack. Sorry dear but how could I pass up these treasures?


lacey said...

im in the candle makin business now! if you see cute class to make a candle in for cheap cheap get it ill buy it from you