Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bart Mishap

I forgot to mention in my weekend post about Bart ordeal on Friday. I ended up staying at work a little late (something that is happening to often lately) and was extremely tired. As I was heading down the escalator to the trains all I could think of was to sit down in a car and relax for my 40 min commute home. All of a sudden my coat is being pulled, I tugged on it to get it back, but it keeps getting pulled behind me. My earphones are ripped out of my ears at this point because my ipod is in my jacket pocket, my phone goes flying, and my arms are starting to get yanked behind me as my coat keeps getting pulled off. I can't get my coat off because my work bag is holding my jacket on. I screamed at this point! Some guy behind me yanks my jacket out of the escalator and hands it to me. I pick up my phone and put my ipod in my bag.

I just busted up laughing!!!! These girls behind me ask are you ok? They were a little freaked out by the whole thing. I said yes, I am fine and kept laughing. My phone looks like it got shot with a bb gun. My jacket didn't get torn and I didn't get sucked into the escalator. These kind of things only happen to me!!!!