Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

Ever year since I left home I say I am going to dye Easter eggs. Finally this year I decided we were going to dye some eggs!!! Tomorrow the in laws are comng over for Easter Dinner. I thought the dyed eggs will be a cute center piece. We had a lot of fun! There are so many instances where Art reminds me of my dad. This was another instance. They dye Easter eggs very similar. It's almost weird how much they act alike sometimes. That is for another post!

I Love Art

There was a white crayon you could draw on the eggs to make designs or sayings.
I dont know how it took over an hour as a kid to dye 1-2 dozen eggs. We did 2 dozen eggs in about 15 minutes. My mom said it's because we use to swirl the eggs or try to make eggs with different colors.
A couple funny Easter egg dying stories......
My cousin Justin was probably 2 yrs old. My grandma would set up the picnic table outside for us to dye eggs. All the grandkids were outside dying the eggs having a grand time. Justin thought the food coloring was KoolAid. He started to drink it. Someone ran and took it away from him. He was SCREAMING because he wanted juice.
When Billy, Lacey and I dyed eggs they were divided up between the 5 of us to share. Usually mom and dad would give us some of their eggs. One year when we were really little Billy came to the table with more eggs. He said he found more eggs that mom forgot to bring to the table. We were soooo excited because there were MORE eggs. My mom was confused because she thought she had brought all of them. Later on Easter day Billy was sitting on Grandma Fischer's lap...cracked open an egg and it was RAW.....there was egg all over the place. Yes, the eggs mom didn't bring were from the fridge. LOL We had to crack every egg after that over a bowl to make sure it wasn't a raw one.