Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Saturday Art woke up and said look on Craigslist for some garage sales. I flew out of bed and started looking. I found 6 of them, got ready and started hounding him to get ready. He was taking his time....I informed him he can't torcher me like this and we must get a move on. The first one we went to they were selling everything for $.25. It was like Black Friday....the place was packed and everything was gone.

By the end of the day we had visited 15+ garage sales and ended up with the following. Magazine rack $3 - all silver and really heavy duty, 2 picture frames - $.50 each, 1 candle holder $.25 and 2 end table/night stands for $1. I was looking for some end table and wasn't having any luck. Mostly people wanted too much money for stuff. We drove by one house and all I see are porcelain dolls....I almost told Art to keep going because I was honestly scared. A picture frame caught my eye, so I asked him to stop. Eyes are rolling because I mentioned "picture frame".....but he stops. Art feels we have TOO many picture frames that I have been collecting. The frames will all be used once we move into the house!!!!

I get out of the truck and ask the lady how much for the picture frame. She is sitting in a wheel chair and I honestly thought she couldn't walk. She scared me half to death when she stood up and said $.50. Then I asked how much for the tables...She said if you take both I only want a $1. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She waves Art over and said bring the truck we need to load these things. LOL I was cracking up. Art shook his head and said what are you planning to do with these.....just you wait dear. :) These lovely garage sale ladies informed me they had just sold a large box of thread for $6. I asked them why they were torchering I wish I could have gotten all that thread.

We came home and started packing! We have the majority of the house packed up. We just have the clothes we need, bathroom essentials, and the entire kitchen to pack. We packed a ton this weekend plus organized the garage. The garage is completely packed and ready to go. I just can't wait to get in that house and start decorating. I have bought some AWESOME things over the past few months. I have my spray paint ready!!!! Be ready for multiple posts on decor. :)

We had a nice weekend, got some sun, packed the apartment, went to garage sales, drop off junk at the thrift store, picked up a few items at the thrift store, and did some relaxing.