Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here is the garden in progress.  We have about 100 tomato plants in the garden or in the planter boxes.  One of the planter boxes Art put some soil from his worms & the plants are growing like CRAZY!  We bought some worms to put in the ground to help with the terrible soil.  We also dumped numerous bags of top soil in the garden.

Art made the planter boxes out of pallets. 

 The above picture are the tomato plants that have soil from Art's worms he bought last year. He dumped the soil & worm pee in the box.  The tomato plants are growing like crazy.

 Here is a lone little artichoke plant.

 Art next to the avocado tree.


Elizabeth Layson said...

So jealous!! Love your pallet planter boxes!

WARRIOR8708 said...

100% percent green even water from a well no treated water from the city. lets see how the tomatoes will taste in a couple of months.

Crazy Town ND said...

Great job...perfect planter boxes...our urban gardners!! Love you, Mom

lacey said...

hey you should send me some of that worm pee for my garden LOL!!!