Friday, May 27, 2011

Makers Fair Part 1

This past weekend Art, Dan & me went to the Maker's Fair. I was looking forward to lots of DIY crafts or stuff for the house. This was nothing what I expected.  There were robots of all sorts, large bikes, solar everything, freaky looking people and green DIY stuff. 

 The people above driving the petal car had a hard time steering the large contraption.  It appeared they could also take in the water.

 Covered wagon storage shed.

 Rambler Car

 The above 2 pictures had plants growing in brown clay balls and felt.

 Carousolar by GE.  They had large solar panels about the size of 2-3 people providing the energy to keep it going.

I was all excited to take my picture with this robot....turns out this guy is from Halo.  I HATE that game!  I should have knocked the guy over.

Utilikilts!  They had every kind of kilt you could ever imagine.  I tried to get Art to try one on. 

The above few pictures the guys were riding a bike on the side.  They kept going faster & higher.

Bike made out of wood

They had these weird machines all over the place. They would shoot fire out the top of them.


WARRIOR8708 said...

can you believe they wanted over 200 dollars for a Utilikilts

Crazy Town ND said...

Crazy you, Mom!!!