Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to the BEST Mother Ever!

Growing up the first 14 years the 5 of us lived in a single wide trailer that was 14x70 & 980 sq ft. I thought our home was big & wonderful because my mom filled it with love.  Growing up I don't ever remember us doing without or that we didn't have enough space.  Yes, I wanted my own room...but guess what I am sharing a room again! lol  My mom never made a big deal about the material things in life.  She always taught us to be thankful for what we had in life and not to want what others had.  I love that my mom taught me that quality in life!
I was talking to my mom the other night & she mentioned she was a little stressed. She is babysitting for a friends 16 month old for a week. While she is babysitting she is putting on a whole mother daughter banquet at her church...even making the food.  She wasn't sure how she was going to get everything done with a baby in the house again. I told her let me remind you of 20 yrs earlier & when you were really stressed.

One sunny day my dad came running into the 980 sq foot trailer & saying he needed my mom to come with him right now to the pasture. There was heifer in labor & the calf was stuck. He couldn't catch her & he needed my mom to help. Now let me explain the help he needed.....all 3 kids were put in the inside of the pick up, mom driving, dad in the bed of the truck swinging his rope. He told mom chase after that heifer & get close so I can rope her. Picture Woody from Toy Story....that was my dad. Super skinny, wranglers, cowboy hat, boots, swinging a rope, screaming drive faster KIM!

There were no seat belts in the pick up. We were LOVING the ride. We said wow this is just like a carnival ride and that is when we were ordered to sit on the floor. Mom was driving 50 MPH over a bumpy pasture while my dad was bouncing around in the bed of the pick up.  All of a sudden the heifer runs in front of the truck & stops. Mom hits her!!! Mom starts crying oh nooo I killed her & the calf. Dad yells GOOD JOB & was serious that she did a good job!!! He jumps off the truck, ties her to the bumper & pulls the calf.

When my dad ran into the house mom was making food for some missionaries visiting our church. She had to turn the oven off & the kuchen (German sweet bread) flopped. Mom was not only making dinner for 5 additional people, but they were also staying at our house for 2-3 days.  This was a normal occurrence for our family.  Mom always had people visiting stay at our house, gave up their bedroom, cooked 3 meals a day while tending to her family.  While mom was cooking up a feast she was home schooling, tending to a toddler pulling every book off the book case & dumping every toy out of the toy box.
Not only was our home a home it also was a school, sweat shop, canary, hotel, & restaurant. It takes a special woman to build such a wonderful home....I love you mom! Happy Mother's Day!!!!


Maria said...

You have a WONDERFUL mom ! She always made us feel like the most special people in the world when we were there ! And I know she loves yall so much ! She raised some wonderful children ! You have a great example to follow ! :-))

Lil' Woman said...

What a wonderful mama you have...Happy Mother's Day to her!

WARRIOR8708 said...

982 square feet. thats the size of our bedroom now and we cant fill it.

Kim Fischer said...

Becky, I love you!! You are a great daughter!! I am so thankful you overlook my flaws and see the good I tried to instill in you kids!!! I laughed and cried about all this...the Mother/Daughter turned out wonderful...only wish you could be there!!! Love you so much!!! Mom