Thursday, May 12, 2011

Welcome to the 21st Century!

I have a new best friend I need to share with you.  Her name is DV-ous also known as a DVR.  We had this beauty installed about a week ago.  I don't know how I ever lived without her!  I love how I just set her to record a show or series of shows & I can watch the show at any time.  The best part is I can fast forward through all the commercials.  I watched an hour program in about 40 minutes and a half hour program in about 15-20.  It's HEAVENLY!!!!!  I am traveling for work (again) and I don't have to miss any of my shows! 

One thing I love about my new best friend is she doesn't talk back or make rude comments about any of my shows.  She just records them & saves them for me each day. 


WARRIOR8708 said...

maybee i should DVR you. what do you mean doesn't make rude comits or talk bad about your shows, thanks alot lady just Post it on the Blog. I should start my own Blog about stupid shows like 16 and pergnat or Opra or real house wifes who dress for the camera and over dramatize everything who cares now Axe men and the military history channel thats good entertainment.

Susan said...

haha! I LOVE our DVR! We've had it for a couple years now and don't know what we'd do if we ever had to do without it!!!

Krystal said...

Did Art leave the first comment? LOL