Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sammy is in love with Tina Fey!

Last week I was out of town for 4 days.  Each night when Art would bring Sammy home he would sit by the front door whining & waiting for me to come home.  At 8pm when I didn't come home he would go to bed.  He wouldn't play or lay on Art's lap while he watch tv. 

When I arrive home on Thursday evening he was jumping off the floor so excited to see me.  Then he went tearing through the house running laps.  I tried to pet him, but he just kept running.  When he finally settled down he wouldn't look at me.  We were all sitting in the family room & he wouldn't come near me.  If I talked to him he looked the other direction.  I guess he was trying to teach me a lesson. Crazy little guy!

I bought Tina Fey book & started to read it on the couch.  As soon as the book came out he came over to my lap, laid down, looked at Tina & started wagging his tail 100 mph.  I cracked up laughing!  I am not sure if the manly hands were attractive to him or what was going on. 


Lil' Woman said...

Let me know how it is, I heard it was good! :)