Sunday, May 29, 2011

Makers Fair Part 2

More pictures from the crazy Makers Fair.

Perkins trying on a new hat!

Lego Jeep!

This crazy contraption came barrelling down the street blowing fire out the top.  It was right next to me & I was scared my hair was going to start on fire.  I had curly hair with TONS of hairspray.  I ran away very quickly when the fire started blaring out!

Huge swing set - looked like a lot of fun.  I love to swing!

Perkins & Art were very excited about the wiener dogs

If you look in the middle of the swing you will see people pedaling on a bike.  There were 4 bikes and 4 swings.  As the parents petaled the bike the swings would spin around. The faster they petaled the faster & higher the swings went.

Crazy people riding around blowing fire out again! UGH!!!

Please take note of how many pictures Perkins is in....he gives me a hard time because he isn't on the blog enough.  I kept telling him to go over by things for his picture...if you want to be on the blog you have to let me take pictures.  He was acting like 5 yr old with $100 bucks in a candy store. =)

Medusa car - this car is going to be on a movie called Bellflower.

Remember when I said in my last post freaky people.....what do you think of this one?  I am not even sure what this character head is all about! 

Cupcake car! You could drive these lovely sprinkled treats!


Crazy Town ND said...

Dying laughing at Perkins...the Makers Fair looked interesting and weird!! HA HA!!

WARRIOR8708 said...

They are not wiener dogs. They are a American icon called the Doggie Dinners and this is all that is left.

Dan said...

I have a beer gut...

Dan said...

I have a beer gut look in that picture....