Friday, August 12, 2011

TEN things that made me laugh

1.  When I walk down the street in SF I do not make eye contact or smile with homeless people.  I just want to get past them & avoid their GIVE ME SOME MONEY begs.  I was going about my stern business and this homeless guy which point does the smile catch up with you?  I just busted up laughing!  The smile caught up with me!

2. A friend is having her second & last baby.  I mentioned baby #3 and her response was....we are two and through for sure. Hubby will be sitting with me with frozen peas on his balls by the time my 6 week appt rolls around.

3.  I have always been a big pusher of drinking water!  My parents stock up on bottled water when I come to visit because I drink so much.  I was encouraging one of my friends to drink more water because it helps flush out all those calories.  She responded with well it flushing like a public toilet at a beer tent!

4. As I was decorating the dining room for Sammy's Party Art says I can only imagine what our future child birthday party will be like.  I respond back with bounce house, clowns, 100's of balloons and decorations everywhere.  Then I realized how silly this whole birthday party for a dog is...but I kept decorating.

5. While we were at the Bellagio a guy was walking by upset and said the following - it is 10pm and this place is still packed.  I couldn't stop laughing.  Where in the World did he think he was? 

6. Art said while in Vegas - I haven't seen this many camel toes since I was in Iraq

7.  Vegas was selling a pair of underwear that said Farting is my way of saying I love you.  Art & I were sitting on the aisle seats on the plane coming home.  Art leans over & says "someone just said I love you as they walked by".

8. Art gets VERY annoyed with the amount of stuff people bring on the plane as carry on luggage.  Little does he know when he isn't traveling with me I am one of those "annoying" people! 

9. I watched the Marriage Ref on Sunday.  I laughed through the entire show!  The couple with the women who has 460 blouses & tops cracked me up!  The woman said she loved BLING.  Cedric said I wonder if that woman owns a bedazzler & blings up plain clothing.

10. Giving your husband the silence treatment is NOT a punishment.  If you want to punish your husband KEEP TALKING.


Crazy Town ND said...

I had a great laugh first thing this morning...started my day off right!!! I love you!!! LOL!!!

Krystal said...

Thanks for the Friday funnies...this was hilarious. My fave was definitely #7. Art-isms are the best!!!

Kendra said...

ROFL at #10! I'm a talker and I think that not talking punishes him. Little do I know....

Lil' Woman said...

Lol....they are thankful for #10..but sometimes if I get BM upset and silent treatment him, he actually starts win for me :)