Monday, October 28, 2013

Greek Dinner

Art and I both have bought chicken on super clearance at Fresh & Easy. Currently our freezer is packed with chicken thighs, legs, drummies, breasts & ground chicken. Our freezer looks like we own a chicken ranch. lol  What does one make with all this chicken? I am scouring the internet looking for different recipes all the time. I love to throw it in the crockpot with some type of sauce, but that can get a little old. 

Art really likes Greek pitas. I found a recipe online for Grilled Greek chicken pitas. Chicken pitas would go perfectly with my friend Krystal's Layered Mediterranean Dip! I can't even remember how I found the chicken pita recipe. Possibly looking on Pinterest and found the link. However I found it the pitas were a hit. I threw everything into the bag of chicken while I ran some errands. A couple hours later while the chicken was cooking I made the layered dip. Threw the dip in the fridge while I finished the chicken, made the tzatziki sauce and wa-la dinner was ready. 

I bought pitas from Fresh & Easy, spread the tzatziki sauce over them, shredded the chicken, and placed some sliced tomatoes over the top. I served the dip with pita chips on the side. It was really delicious and easy. 


Krystal Regueiro said...

What a yummy meal!!