Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hey Mimi look at me!

On Saturday Kaleb arrives bright & early hours before the sun comes up. He usually snuggles right up to me and goes back to sleep for awhile. I love it! Then we gradually wake up, jump around the bed, play a little & then search for drinks - milk for Kaleb and coffee for Mimi. We were laying in bed Kaleb jumped on top of me. I snapped the above picture as he was trying to get my attention. He cracks me up.

I put Art's work hat on him. He wore it around the house all day.
He didn't even care that he had a hat on. He is just such a cutie! Now if only he would stop carrying about the crazy masks I put on his face. He rips them off as soon as I put them on him. lol


julie witte said...

so cute