Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Humor is Essential!

One of my friends had the most fitting phrase when it comes to cancerland - humor is essential and modest is nonexistent! Oh how true that is! 

When I woke up from surgery last January the next day I looked down & realized I had a different gown on. I said to Art who changed me & who all saw me NAKED???  He  laughed, shook his head & said I came out of surgery in that gown. It was NOT the one I went into surgery wearing. Hopefully the lucky person who changed me recovered lol

Last week I had another ct scan. They ran me through the large donut a few times. Take a deep breath, hold your breath, breath - these are the phrases I hear about 5 times. Then the tech comes over with "breast shield". He lays it across my chest. He told me it was to protect my breasts. I was then told to hold my breath as I'm scanned again. How am I going to hold my breath when I'm trying not to crack up laughing?

The "breast shield" is super small. If a baby needed a burp cloth we would need three!! I picked it up afterward & said to the nurse REALLY this is the shield? I said this is a joke look at this small piece of cloth.  The nurse was cracking up. She said the tech is so shy he would have died of embarrassment if you had said anything to him. 

I told the nurse the tech asked if I had taken off my bra. I wanted to say buddy do you normally see 2 boobs flopped over someone's ribs?  Is this a normal view you see every day walking around? You hand me a pasty to cover my breasts and then ask if I took my bra off? The nurse was crying she was laughing so hard. 


julie witte said...

crazy girl lol