Thursday, October 17, 2013

Not Going Down Without A Fight!

Recently I had an issue at work where someone got their panties in a bunch and decided I was going to be punished. They made up their own rules as to how things worked in the company and thought they could get away with it. I decided I would handle it with the proper chain of command. I went to my boss and then to HR. It was all handled within moments in my favor.

The person who had their panties in a bunch didn’t realize I was going out to lunch with the CEO of the company the same day they were causing a ruckus. The panty buncher was a nervous wreck when they found out I was out to lunch with the CEO. The CEO never heard one word about the issue from me. Instead we talked baseball, grandchild, housing and various other topics unrelated to my work issue.

I came from a home where my parents fought the state on education and won. My mom fought good and hard to get a home school bill passed in North Dakota. She would get right in people faces at the capital talking about why she felt home schooling was right. She didn’t care if those people didn’t like her or her opinion.

It could have been much simpler for my parents to put their children on a school bus instead of fighting the state. They were told their children would be taken away, they couldn’t adopt, and they might serve jail time. Instead I watched my parents fight the battle of their life for their family. I remember that time very clearly as a 7 or 8 year old. I didn’t understand why they were so stressed out because I knew they would win. I watched my parents fight for what they felt was right their entire life.

What people don’t realize when they mess with me is I have been through a lot more than your average 32 year old. I am currently in the fight of my life fighting for my health. Every day I fight to find the best care, find a way to feel like myself again and beat cancer. I came from a home where you fight for what is right no matter what! I am married to a man who has fought for our freedom. I am not going down without a fight!