Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's the point of blogging?

I've been struggling the past week with why do I blog, does anyone out there even read my nonsense, should I continue to blog and if I continue what should I write about?  There are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of blogs out there. Mine won't ever be super popular and that's ok. Popular blogs have thousand of followers and 50-100 people will comment. I am one of those people who rarely comments on blogs because honestly it's a pain in the butt. People have funky codes you need to fill out, it's not easy to comment from a blog reader and after 100 comments on a blog post does the author really care what I have to say?

I started this blog as something fun. It has become a dump station with a filter for all the craziness in my life. Somethings I am very open about and other things I don't ever mention in blog land.  I hope one day the journey I've shared with weight loss, MTC and infertility will help someone. All three of those things have been such a struggle in my life now more than ever. 

There are days I'm exhausted and just can't come up with a topic to write about. I had planned out what I would write about yesterday for the week. Well I was too exhausted to put words on the screen. Even with the topics on my to do list weren't enough to help the post come together. 

I like the fact I blog regularly for my own sake. My memory has really gone down hill over the past 2 years. I really noticed a difference around February 2012. I couldn't remember things off the top of my head, I needed lists and I couldn't remember what I just wantted to do. What did we do for our anniversary in 2009? No clue - the blog probably has a picture so I resort back to the blog. 

I also use my blog to keep track of recipes and menus I've done. Refer back to those posts all the time. In the last year I started documented my outfits. Outfit inspiration is a great way to figure out what I should wear the next day. Sometimes I use my own, but most of the time I run off to Pinterest. 

So after all that craziness I guess my decision is I will blog when I feel like it and not blog when I don't. I'm trying not to put so much pressure on myself.  That is a hard thing not to do because I like structure and with structure there needs to be rules. The whole not putting pressure on myself is something I am working at home and work. I put A LOT of pressure on myself to be as perfect as I can be. At work I rush to get EVERYTHING handled ASAP. I am not one to let things slide or not respond to emails, voicemails etc. Well the past week I have actually just said I can't do that and need another week. 

Life is always a work in progress. 
I am slowly working on putting myself first and everything else second!  


Krystal Regueiro said...

Well said my bestie!

life said...

For starters Your title is TO CUTE!! Your popular in your followers eyes!! I read your blog, but I always think you should take care of yourself before anything else! Have not used the recipes but your outfits give me major inspiration! I find myself having nothing to say I'm not really blogging just reading. Thanks for sharing!!!!

julie w said...

I do enjoy your blogs. this is my way of keeping up with your life lol.