Thursday, October 13, 2016


The other day I went scouting for a place to take our holiday pictures. I have some ideas from Pinterest of how I would like pictures this year. I thought of a place not far from my house that I thought would work. George and I went for a little hike to see if the areas might be ok. Normally I take a stroller with us. On this day I decided no stroller! He needed to run off some energy and I would just have to walk a little slower. When I exercise I like to go fast and get it over with ASAP. 

We had a fun time hiking for about 30 minutes. George loved to see the ducks (birds) and he could see the buses from up on the hill. He is very into buses and garbage trucks. Every night before bed we have to sing the wheels on the bus. I try to sing other songs and he says no bus momma. He will tell me which verse to sing next. If he wants the babies on the bus he starts crying and rubbing his eyes. We have our own versions of what the people on the bus do. I can just imagine one day when he is trying to get someone else to sing the song. They are not going to have a clue what Papa and Da Da do on the bus. lol On our bus Papa goes Yehaw! Da Da is strong and shows his muscles. 

Anyhow back to our hiking. He had a great time running along. He liked to run down the hills laughing away. Other times he would hold my hand. It was a nice morning! It also wore him out, so he took a nice nap! He even slept through the dog barking his head off at the Fed Ex man! 

He saw some cows on the hill. He was pointing to them saying mooo mooo.