Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beauty Products

I have been changing all my make up over to safer products. I use either the Honest Company or BeautyCounter. I bought a palette from the Honest Company awhile ago that I never used. I recently started using it. I am trying to use up the products I have before I buy new stuff. I really like the cream blusher in the palette. I don't really use the eye shadows in the palette. I don't wear browns and for some reason I bought one with all brown colors. 

I do love BeautyCounters eyeliner, eyebrown pencil, mascara and lip sheer. Below are pictures of me with those products. I am wearing the black eyeliner, medium eyebrow pencil and plum lip sheer. I have on the same products in both pictures, but you can see the difference in natural sunlight and inside. 

The BeautyCounter lip sheers can also be used as a cream blusher. I like to add a little of the plum to my cheeks to add a little pop of color. I also have used the powder blusher by BeautyCounter. I like the product, but I don't love it like the cream blushers. I feel I need the cream blusher still in order for the powder to stick. 

If you would like to try samples of any of the BeautyCounter items let me know. I would be happy to mail you some samples.