Monday, February 6, 2017

Lunch Time!

I packed my lunch when I worked all the time. I tried not to eat out more than once a week. An average meal out now costs about $10. It really adds up quickly eating out plus it usually isn't the healthiest. I pack Art breakfast, lunch and snacks for him to take to work. I set all his containers on the bottom shelf of the fridge in a neat pile. We have our routine down of where things go, so it's easy to grab as he runs out the door. 

Sunday I meal prep for the week. I make all Art breakfast, cut up all the fruit and make some containers of food for G. I like to have fruit and veggies G can grab from the bottom drawer of the fridge. He likes to get his own snacks. 

I need easy lunch things for myself. I love leftovers. I need to be better about making enough leftovers for 2 meals. I'm good about making enough for Art. I try to stay 1-2 meals ahead for him. He isn't a fan of eating leftovers the next day. Some times I throw leftovers in the freezer, so I have something to grab Art during busy times. 

I eat salad 3-4 days a week. I love Costco's kale salad mixes. The cranberries and nuts that come in the mixes G eats. I will put them in a little containers for him. I use just the salad mix, heat up some chicken, sprinkle sliced almonds and chia seeds over the top, slice some cherry tomatoes in half and top with honey Dijon dressing I make myself. I'm getting hungry for this salad now!  A bag of the salad mix will last me for about 3 meals. I eat a lot of it. I don't ever feel guilty having a huge salad either. Greens are good for you!  You need to be careful what you are topping the salad with and read the labels. If you are eating clean food EAT lol

In the winter I like to have soup. It helps warm me up and keep me full. I recently made PaleoMG Buffalo Chicken Chili. It was really good!  I did have to make something else for G when I made this because it is too spicy for him. G will eat some spice, but I thought this might be too much for him. 

What are some of your favorite items for lunch?