Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Donating my Hair

In the middle of January I decided I wanted to cut my hair and donate it to Wigs for Kids. Wouldn't it be amazing if some child was able to have a wig because I donated a bunch of my hair? I contacted my hair girl to see when she could fit me in and told her what I was planning. I made my appointment, showed up with the instructions and she quickly got to work. 

Here is my hair freshly washed and air dried. 

Measuring to see how much exactly 12 inches would be! Wigs for Kids requires 12 inches to be donated. 

Ashley sectioned my hair into 4 small pony tails. 

Then she cut eat pony tail. eeeekkkk!

Here is the pile of hair afterwards! 

The final cut! I am still adjusting to this short hair. The first time I washed it I felt like I was bald. lol 
I put soap in my hair and it felt like nothing was there. 

I am not a fan of the bob haircut. I like it much better when I curl the sides. This picture is hard to see how I curled it because it is dark. I curl it similar to when it was long. Honestly in the future I will probably wait until my hair is down to my butt to cut it to donate. I just don't like short hair on me. Shoulder length hair is fine for me, but anything shorter and I have issues. One thing that was important to me is that my hair was long enough to still pull back into a pony tail. Thankfully it is. I need to be able to pull it back when I work out. I can't stand hair flying in my face if I am jumping around. lol I also like to pull it back to sleep and when I am feeling too lazy to actually do it. I am glad my hair went to a good cause. I don't regret cutting it at all!