Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our Beloved Adriana!

Last Thursday my phone rang around 7:30am from our friends that we use to share the nanny with. Britt said Adriana hasn't shown up and I need to take P to school anyway you could come over? I said sure give me 30 min and we will be there. I had talked to her the night before. 

Adriana phone was going straight to voicemail. We didn't think anything of it at first because she has overslept. We figured in an hour or two she would come. Britt asked how long I could stay and I said until noon. At noon still no Adriana and still phone turned off. This was getting weird. I remember looking out the window thinking Adriana isn't coming today. I figured she would be back on Friday. 

I had sent Adriana a text. After an hour it wasn't read. I thought maybe something happened to her phone, so I at 1pm I sent her a FB message. I got a weird message from someone 30 min later claiming to be a family member asking if she really had died. I called Britt shaking reading her the message. Britt says that can't be real. Who would send something like that. I looked on FB to find Adriana sister info. I called her and left a voicemail stating she didn't show up for work. Adriana's sister called me back with the worst news. There was a domestic dispute and Adriana boyfriend ran her over killing her. I felt like the world was moving but I was frozen. It was the worst news I think I've ever gotten. I then had to call Britt to tell her the news. 

In the Spring of 2015 I met Adriana when I was looking for someone to watch G. We ended up joining a nanny share. It was the first person/place I felt comfortable with leaving G. I had a lot of anxiety about who would watch my baby. I was so worried someone wouldn't treat him right. Adriana took him from me that day and held him. She was so loving with him from day 1. I never worried when he was with her. I knew she loved him and was treating him right. I loved that she would send me text message throughout the day. 

After I stopped working he still went over there for a couple hours once a week. He loved his Nana! She loved it that he called her Nana. He thought the other babies were Nana's babies. He would say Nana then make a crying noise. Adriana and I spent a lot of time together and became close. At least once a week we did something. I got to know the real Adriana not just Nana. 

I went to spend some time with Adriana's sister, brother and niece earlier this week. It was weird to be at her house at first. Then we all started talking and sharing stories. As they were going through things they kept pulling out things I gave her. She saved little cards, pictures, much stuff that I had given her was around her house. It really helped me spending time with them. I realized our friendship was just as special to her as it was to me. 

I haven't experience grief like this. I haven't ever lost a friend so tragically. My heart has been so heavy. I just want to wake up from this terrible dream. 

Adriana loved to do make up! This picture is just her. A big smile! 

She loved my little G so much! 

Adriana loved Sarah Jessica Parker. Last year she did a photo shoot similiar to one SJP did. 

She loved food! She would always say I don't know how you can eat that way. I have decided to just be fat and love food. That always made me laugh. 

My friend I will miss you so much! 


Ana Fuentes said...

Wow.. I just read this and brought me to tears. . Thank you so much for the love you gave my sister. . She loves her babies...