Friday, February 24, 2017

Big Boy Bed!

The time has come for my little man to have a big boy bed. He has been sleeping with us since around June. When we went to North Dakota he slept with me for the 7 weeks I was there. When we came home he wanted nothing to do with his bed. He has insisted he needs to sleep next to momma every night. I finally got to the point I can't take getting kicked in the head anymore. I told Art we have to get him a bed. 

I went to Macy's Outlet near our house recently. The day I went they had all their mattresses 30% off. I found a twin bed and box spring for $200. Macy's wanted $90 for a frame. At first I was going to buy it. Then I pulled up Amazon to see if $90 was a good deal. Amazon had the same frame for $37 on Prime! I told the lady take the frame off my order I found it on Amazon cheaper. While the lady entered all my information I finished my order on Amazon. 

The bed we bought was a $1,100 bed. I saved over $900 by the time I was done. If you buy a mattress at Macy's Outlet they sell you the box spring for $1. I thought it was a misprint on the sheet until the lady explained it to me. Bargain!!!! I am always looking for great deal. Once things calm down for Art at work he will be making G a headboard. 

I was worried we were going to have nights of screaming as we transitioned from my bed to G's bed. I talked to him about it on the day we bought the bed. I told him from now on you are going to start sleeping in your new big boy bed. I told him let's go buy you some sheets for the big bed. He said "Momma's bed, no bed, no sheets". Over the weekend I had him sleep in his bed at night and nap in my bed. On Monday I started having him nap in his bed. He usually cries he wants to sleep in my bed. I take him to his bed and tell him this is where you sleep now. He has done really well. 

Putting Melmo to sleep! G has been playing in his room a lot more since he got a new bed. He rarely ever went in his room prior. We don't keep a lot of toys in there. He mostly just has stuffed animals in his room. The rest of the toys are in the living area. He will go in his room to play with the stuffed animals or take other toys in there. I am glad he is adjusting to his new bed and enjoying his room more.