Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Fun!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter this weekend. G loved dying Easter eggs! He was upset there weren't more. Each egg was dyed at least 3 times possibly 6 or 7. He even took a taste of the dye ugh! 

This was right when we started. He had a blast! 

Purple and green were his favorite colors. Every egg was put in blue and green even if they were yellow or orange. lol Such a silly kid. 

The Easter bunny left some baskets for a cute little toddler and husband. G wasn't happy he didn't have a container of Pringles in his basket. Next year I will have to add some chips. My mom use to let us eat our Easter candy as soon as we got our baskets. I have tried to do the same with G for Easter and Christmas stockings. He ate 3 of the 5 Annie's gummy candies immediately. 

Opening their baskets showing each other the loot they received! 

This was the look I received when I told him that he had to eat some breakfast after his 3 packages of gummies. He had a lip sticking out for a little bit. It's hard not to laugh at him when he gets upset and folds his arms. 

He was spoiled by all his grandparents this weekend. His Nana brought over this big basket. His Nonna bought him a tent and sleeping bag. He loved everything! 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend! 

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