Friday, April 14, 2017

No Excuses!

Do you ever struggle to get your workout in? Some days I just don't feel like it. Other days I wake up with exactly what I have in mind that I want to do that day. Lately I have been in a "I don't feel like working out funk". I am tired, G hasn't been feeling good, I would rather eat some pizza or I just want to sit on the couch watching tv. 

The problem is when I don't work out I don't sleep as good and I feel guilty at night. I also don't feel as bad if I eat a little extra that day if I got in a workout. G had a fever for a couple days. We had plans to do some fun things, which had to be cancelled because of the fever. I am not exactly sure what he had or why he had a fever. If he had some meds he was running around like crazy. I decided some fresh air would do both of us good. So I put G in the Bob and off we went. We ended up going for a 3 mile run. Normally when we get to the park G jumps out, plays and I sit there watching him. I decided to add a little extra to my workout. 

One of my friends posted the workout below. I thought this was perfect to do at the park while G played. At first I didn't think I could do pushups and crunches because the ground was wet after the morning rain we had. I decided to use the picnic table. I laid on the seat portion of the picnic table to do the crunches. I used the end of the picnic table to do a standing version of pushups. A little dirt doesn't hurt anyone, so I did my burpees and got dirty hands.  Let me just say that 60 second squat hold was a KILLER!!!! This was the perfect workout to add to the middle of my run. By the time I completed it G was ready to go. There are some big stone lions outsides one of the houses. He loves to go see them and have me stick my hand in their mouths. 

Some days a run sounds better than an aerobic workout. Other days a run sounds horrible, so I turn on Chris Freytag for a great sweaty workout. I really LOVE Get Healthy U TV. They offer discount memberships. I paid $10 for the year. You can find lots of free workouts on YouTube. I just really enjoy working out with Chris Freytag. I can't stand doing workouts where people don't workout along with you. When they constantly take breaks. Listen here folks I need you to workout along with me, so I push myself or I will want to take a break. I don't mind if they show you how to do a move or the proper form. 

How often do you workout? What is your favorite workout?

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