Monday, April 17, 2017

Never Miss a Monday!

1) Last week we celebrated 9 years of marriage. We went away for the weekend without G. It was only the second time we have left him over night. He did fine! He had a great time with my friend and her family. Us however.....we were lost at first. We felt like we were forgetting something all the time. It was really nice to spend some time together just the two of us. When we got back G gave us big hugs. I asked him did you miss us and he said yes. It was nice to know he had a good time and felt safe. 

2) I love BeautyCounter Charcoal Mask! I use it weekly. Or at least try to use it weekly. I usually do a mask on Sunday evenings. I have been getting 30-35 masks per bottle. It costs $48 for a bottle. There are 2 other masks available now. The Brightening Mask and the Plumping Mask

If you are able to get 30 masks out of a bottle and use it once a week that is about $1.60 per mask for over 6 months. The mask is very reasonable when you break it down. You are getting a mask with all safe ingredients without any harmful chemicals or toxins. You can buy other charcoal masks out there a lot cheaper, but do they have safe ingredients in the mask?  Do you know what you are putting on your face?

I also like to use the mask to spot treat breakouts. If I am getting a breakout I will put the mask on the area while I put my make up on. When I am done putting my make up on then I wash the area I have been spot treating. 

Here are some pictures of me spot treating two places on my chin. 

3) When we were away for our anniversary weekend I had the best luck out shopping. Art found a mall and suggested we go. WHAT! I was shocked, but I didn't argue. I found a super cute pair of black booties. I had been looking for a pair that were comfy for a long time. Nordstroms Rack had a cute pair for a great deal. Then I ran into Burlington Coat Factor to look for a new leather jacket. I just wanted a cheap one. I bought one from there a couple years back for $20. It was my favorite and I got my money out of that jacket. I found a new one at Burlington for a great deal! 

4) Have you joined Ibotta? If not you should! I recently joined because my sister said I needed too. I have earned over $13.00 just by scanning my receipts. The grocery store I go to doesn't participate with Ibotta or I would be rich. I scan all my receipts from Target and other participating places. When I get $20 or more I can have the money transferred to my Paypal account. 

You can download the app right on your phone. If you use the referral code djasfed you will receive $10 just for joining. It's just that easy!

Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods and tons of other places participate! I didn't realize Costco participated. I am going to have to find my receipt and see what rebates I can get from them. I spent a ton of money last week at Costco. 

5) I LOVE sparkling water! It's just one of my favorite things. A couple weeks ago I went to Sonic with G and the little boy I nanny. They got some food. I wanted something to drink, so I asked if they had soda water. They did, so I ordered one. I looked at my receipt later to see they charge me $.15 for a large. I was like WHAT!?!?! The next day I went back and ordered a route 44 sparkling water....guess what I was charge $.22. I told Art it doesn't even pay to buy it at the store. I can't ever get it that cheap. I have learned I can only go during the week when my main girl is there; otherwise, it's a freaking circus. Either they have no idea what I am talking about or they charge me for a full size drink. Sorry guys I just can't justify spending $2.50 on a drink I get M-F for $.22. I even told the one lady I come here every single day and spend $.22 I am not paying $2.50. I ended up driving away that day. 

I tried to get a soda water at KFC one day when Art got something. The chick tried to give me a Sobe water. Finally I said can you please just give me a sprite? I drove next door to Sonic to get the drink I wanted for only $.22.

My girl at Sonic knows my voice now and just brings it right out to the car with a smile. I feel I should get her a Starbucks card or something just because I appreciate the fact she knows what I want. lol See it's the little cheap things in life that bring me such joy. lol 

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