Tuesday, April 4, 2017

George's New Job!

Art helped run an additional store for about 3 months. Poor guy was working 6 days a week for months. One Sunday G and I went to help him out for a few hours. I told him I could easily do data entry, filing or some type of clerical type work. Well he found a project for me - 13 pages of data entry to input! I loaded the tablet up with some shows for G to watch, packed snacks and off we went. 

George helped Art put stuff away on carts. 

Took some phone calls. 

Drove around the warehouse. 

and did some shopping. 

George LOVES to go to Art's work. We were there for a few hours and we actually accomplished a lot even with a busy toddler. Thankfully Art is now just tending to his own store. He has also been short handed since before Christmas. He hired a guy who starts very soon. The long hours are hopefully coming to an end very soon!