Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Thrive!

I decided to change the title posts of my Monday posts to Monday Thrive! I didn't really like the last name, but I couldn't come up with anything else. lol 

1) I have struggled to find a pancake and waffle recipe that all of us will eat. G and I will eat most of them. I just wanted a pancake that tastes similar to what I use to eat, but that is Paleo. Recently I was at Sprout's and they had the Birch Benders buy 1 get one free. I decided to give them a try. All of us LOVE them! If you don't have a Sprout's near you Amazon also sells the mix. 

2) I have been struggling with my concealer under my eye creasing at times. I hate the way that looks. It makes you look like you have wrinkles and old eyes. I recently watched a blogger put on her make up. She mentioned she used powder under her eyes to avoid creases. I have had the Mattifying Powder by BeautyCounter in a box sitting in my house for months. I wasn't sure what to use it for or even why I would use it. Oh boy! 

I pulled it out to try it and let me just tell you it is a total game changer! No more creases and granny looking eyes! I put my concealer and cream blusher on my face. Then I take a brush and put the powder over the concealer and blush. It really helps set it to stay all day long. 

I then put on my eyeliner on the top of my eyelid. I have been lining the bottom with black eye shadow. I then take the powder and brush it over my eyeliner to help set it. I haven't ever had luck in the past keeping eye shadow on as an eyeliner! It always would wear off and look terrible by noon. Well with the Mattifying Powder it stays set ALL DAY LONG! 

I really like my eyes now that I started lining my waterline. I had to learn I have to do a thin line of eyeliner in order to not feel like a raccoon with my waterline lined. 

3) Do you buy much online? Have you signed up to use Ebates? I signed up with Ebates maybe about 5ish years ago. I will admit I don't always remember to use them. I kick myself when I make a purchase and don't use them. Over the years I have earned over $330.00. They will deposit the money into your Paypal account. Right now I have earned over $35 for the next payout. I downloaded the app to my phone, so it is easier to make purchases. I also log in when I make purchases on my computer. Use this LINK to earn $10 to sign up. Free money is always fabulous!

4) I love Target Tee's!!!! I feel I buy different styles and colors every season. They are just so comfy plus they are a great bargain. I bought the one below for $5. They have a purple color that I just LOVE! I have been looking for a purple tee for a long time. Regular price they are only $8. 

You can get the tee for only $8.34 with tax if you use your Target Redcard since they offer free shipping on all Redcard orders. I also used Ebates, so I will get 1% cashback. While the 1% isn't much it does add up over time. 

5) I bought the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop on Amazon recently. I buy too much stuff on Amazon! It is my go to place. I can usually get things within 2 days for a good price. I love this mop because I can fill it with non-toxic cleaners to spray on my floor. It's great for mopping your entire house or for a quick clean up. When you have a toddler you need to be able to mop areas quickly without having to drag out a mop, bucket, filling it with water, blah blah blah. This mop is fabulous! Sometimes I spray my entire kitchen with cleaner, let it sit then I go back into the room and mop it. My kitchen could be mopped twice a day. Now I feel I need to go mop my kitchen now. lol

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