Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bart Happening - Week 6

Well I got my iphone and still no pictures. I am soooo engrossed in listening to Jillian Michael Podcasts that I don't know what is going on around me.  I will tell you a little about regular riders.

A mother & daughter ride the Bart every day. They come on and try to get seats together. Then the mom pulls out the hand sanitizer for herself and then her daughter. Next she pulls out the Johnson & Johnson baby lotion to put on their hands. You know the baby lotion in the pink bottle?  They don't talk at all. They just sit there the entire time doing nothing.

A father & daughter also ride the Bart every day. I am happy to see when these 2 go into another train car. The dad is ANNOYING! He gets into conversation with other riders about what a great school his daughter goes too, the great grades she gets and why they are the best. When he can't find a seat for her he has her sit on the grubby floor. Ugh!  He likes to talk SUPER loud!  He always finds someone to talk too.

Until next week.....


LWLH said...

Ugh, I would hate to be stuck on a train with that guy.