Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Kitchen project #1 with #43948 more to go. lol

When we moved into the house there was a big open area of the kitchen. It looked like it was missing a cabinet.  In one of the houses down the street the former owners put in a cabinet. We have talked about adding a cabinet to the area, since we bought the house. We had priced out cabinets at Lowe's and it was added to our To Do List.

One weekend I was out of town and Art went to Lowe's. He found 2 cabinets for $25 each. They were on clearance because they had damage to the back of the cabinet. Art bought both of them. I was super excited with the great deal he got! One would think that we installed these cabinets as soon as possible in our kitchen....oooohhhh noooo. They have sat in the garage for a year or more.

This past Fall we went to Lowe's again...this seems to be our favorite place to go on the weekend. They had a counter top on clearance for $10.  Art said let's buy it for the cabinet we want to install. I didn't want to buy it because it didn't match the other counter tops. Plus we had driven my car and it wasn't going to fit in the car. Art made a very good point it was only $10 bucks. We want to replace all the counter tops eventually. We could put the cabinet in for now until we can afford to replace all the counters.

2012 comes along and Art informed me those cabinets are getting put in. Uh Huh! Well he got to work. Why is it a project takes a lot longer than you anticipate? We planned to knock it out in a weekend. Nope it took us about 2-3 weekends. 

DISCLAIMER: Art did 90% of the work on this project!  I always say WE when HE did the work. :)

Art & Sammy trying to find the studs in the wall.

Art screwing the cabinet into the wall. Art asked me if I wanted to put bead board on the side of the cabinet. I jumped for joy! YES!!! I have been wanting to put bead board on the side of all my cabinets. Again we just haven't done it. One reason some of this stuff doesn't get done is because it costs $$$$. $$$$ unfortunately doesn't grow on trees for us!

Me painting the bead board! 

Finally after things going wrong we were able to get the lower cabinet installed. We need a 3rd person to help with the upper cabinet. It is a corner cabinet that will fit very nicely above. :::cough cough who wants to come help?:::::

When I took this picture Art said send it to your mom because I can help decorate cakes now. bahahaha

Finished project

How sweet is that bead board? Oh I just LOVE it!!!!

Our new home for our lunch boxes!  I love our new cabinet! We had a cart/butcher block type thing in the corner before with baskets underneath. I hated how you could see everything. Now the baskets are under the cabinet. The cabinet helps the kitchen look less cluttered.


Kendra said...

Very nice! I love the plates on the wall!

graciepie said...

Love it! I cant believe how thin you look btw. I love your wall color and am a HUGE fan of the bead board. We are planning on putting white board on the sides of our cabinets when we move onto the kitchen project! It looks great!

Crazy Town ND said...

I love it too...super nice!! You are a great decorater!! Yes, you are thin and thinner then ever!! Love the re shoes!! Mom

My life in a Nut Shell said...

Oh I love it!!! Super cute!