Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bart Happenings - Week 8

I have mentioned previously that I ride to with one group of people and home with another group of people. One of the people that rides the train on the way home is Grandma Sophia. A coworker and I use to refer to her as just grandma.  In the past 2 weeks we changed her name to Grandma Sophia because she looks like Sophia from the Golden Girls.

A couple months back she was talking on her cell phone about a girl having surgery and going into detail about female issues. My coworker thought she was talking about her daughter and was rather disturbed she would share so much. Grandma was talking about her female dog. I had a good laugh about that one.  Grandma has one puppy left from the litter her dog just had.

Grandma is below with the white hair.  Sitting next to her is a blind man with his guide dog. Watching the dog is just amazing. He knows which stop they are suppose to get off at. The dog will be resting, they get to a certain stop and the dog gets up. It also amazing me how the owner knows they will be going down stairs. I don't know much about guide dogs. I am sure they are trained to alert the owner some way. It is just amazing to watch.


LWLH said...

It amazes me what guide dogs are capable of.