Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu Monday

I am 3 weeks into shopping every other week and it is going great! This past weekend I just had to buy some fresh produce. Otherwise it has been fabulous! To run into the store to buy produce is super fast. In and out in 10 minutes. Marvelous just marvelous!

I have been trying to cut the quantity of meat out of our meals. I am really trying to get back to how I grew up eating organic and unprocessed foods. I've had a lot of conversations lately with my mom about how good we ate until my late teen years. When we lived on the farm 90% of our food was unprocessed and organic. We rarely ever drank milk or meat from the store. My dad milked cows and we had fresh milk constantly. We butchered our own meat. We grew a garden and canned.

I rarely drink milk as an adult. It just doesn't taste right to me. As a kid I would grab a fresh glass of milk over sugary drinks. Nothing better than fresh chilled milk! This post is making me want to find a dairy farmer to get a jug of fresh milk. I have a few friends who are pregnant and talking about going through 1-2 gallons of milk a week. Hmmm wonder if I will be the same.
Monday - Potato Soup

Tuesday - Vietnamese Shaking Pork & Veggies

Wednesday - Fiesta Lime Rice

Thursday - leftovers or food trucks

Friday - Friendship Soup 


Krystal Regueiro said...

You feed what the baby wants...and oddly enough since I'm supposed to be a future milk carrier, I guess I'm supposed to drink it by the butt loads in preparation!! HAHAHAHA.