Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bart Happening - Week 7

I have been all excited to take a picture with my new iPhone on Bart. What a freakin rookie I am! I forgot there was a FLASH!!! HELLOOOOOO When you are trying to sneak a picture of people you do NOT need a flash to be going off. Ugh I was so embarrassed! I tried to play it off like my phone was crazy. The train was packed when my flash went off too. No one said anything, but they knew what I was doing...trying to get a picture of the guy across the aisle sleeping.

Needless to say that picture didn't turn out and I didn't try to get any pictures for a few days. I braved it again when I checked ALL my settings on my phone.

Below is a regular rider. I haven't figured out this guy yet.  It might help if people on Bart actually talked to each other, but that seems to be an unspoken rule. No talking to other riders on Bart.

Mr. Sleepy drives a red car and parks beside me every day. If he isn't on my train in the morning he will be parked beside me at the end of the day. Strange!  He has rode in my train car for a long time. I would say he just started parking by me constantely for the past few months.  He does make me laugh when he falls asleep and starts snoring LOUD on the train.  He kind of reminds me of Sleepy from the 7 Dwarfts. 


LWLH said...

Haha...that's what I'm always afraid of when I want to take a pic on the sly...that my flash will go off and alarm them