Friday, March 30, 2012

Nana's Birthday

This past weekend was my mother in laws birthday.  I have been blessed with a mother in law that loves the simple things in life. I asked her what she would like to eat and what kind of cake. She told me she wanted a baked chicken and a Jello Cheesecake.

My mother in law is the QUEEN of buying us stuff from infomercials and seen on tv store. I went to try to find something she doesn't have from the store and found one thing.  The One Second Needle kit. She also likes to buy us gag gifts.  While we were grocery shopping Art picked out a packet of prunes. MIL & FIL got quite a laugh out of the prunes. MIL told us the needle and the prunes were her favorite gifts. lol 


LWLH said...

Happy Birthday to your MIL :)

Crazy Town ND said...

Tell her she must be using the face kit from Christmas BC she looks younger...I use mine everyday!! Mom