Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bart Happenings Week 10

WOW I can't believe I have already posted 10 weeks of Bart craziness. When Art suggested writing about Bart, I wasn't sure I could come up with enough stories. What was I thinking? Of course I can come up with stories. There is usually a story every single day. Some of it I notice and a lot I don't. You just get use to the craziness happening around you.

Earlier this week a woman got on the train and ran to an empty seat. When she arrived she noticed the guys coat was laying on the seat. She picked it up with the tips of her fingers and laid the jacket on the sleeping guy. Well that woke him up. He was drunk and decided he wanted to chat. The woman was very into her book and didn't want to chat with him.

The man got out of his seat and started ranting. He was very upset that people just don't want to carry on a proper conversation these days. I think he yelled for about 3-4 minutes and then got off the train at the next stop.  Some of the people shook their heads and a few of us busted up laughing.  The lady sitting behind me asked exactly what a proper conversation on Bart is?  No one talks on Bart, so why did he think it would be proper.


LWLH said...

Crazy people.