Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas

A few years back we started Amazon wishlists around Christmas time to share with family.  I really love wishlists because you can put all different price points on the list. I also love them because it takes the guessing out of what to buy people for a gift. People don't feel obligated to buy a certain thing and can pick what fits their budget. 

Art's wishlists usually have some of the craziest things on them. I usually have to ask him to clean up his wishlist before his birthday and Christmas. Right now he has some fake black birds on his list. I am sure he wants them to try to scare us. Thankfully he is very easy to buy for and never complains about gifts. He is always happy even with the smallest gifts. 

Here are a few gift ideas I came up with for the father's in our lives. I really love my stainless steel tumbler. It keeps my liquids cold for hours without sweating. I hate cups that sweat. Most men can use a good grooming set and a nice watch. Daniel Wellington watches are so classic and timeless! 

Father's Day

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You can find the gift ideas on the links below or also on Amazon. If you click on the numbers above the links will take you to Amazon. I shop on Amazon because their prices are great, no shipping and Prime gets it to me in just a couple days. 

T shirt

Stainless tumbler

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