Friday, June 16, 2017

Mommy & Me Zoo Fun

I am so glad that we bought our Oakland Zoo membership. We have used it numerous times just in the month we have had it. G and I went one morning as soon as the zoo opened. It was such a nice fun relaxing morning just the 2 of us at the zoo. We took our time seeing whatever animals we wanted. We probably only saw half the animals. It was just a perfect day at the zoo.  I packed lots of snacks and drinks. 

We rode the train and carousel. 

G just started riding on animals on a carousel. In the past he would only ride on the bench seat. He picked out the elephant and just love it. 

We picked up our zoo keys on our way out. I kept forgetting to claim the keys until we left this last time. G thinks these are his keys. The next time we go we will have to use them in the boxes. 

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