Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Menu - Paleo

Our menu this week is nothing fancy. Some weeks I just need something simple, easy and quick. It also depends on my mood when I am making my grocery list. If I am feeling lazy then the easy stuff gets put on the list. Apparently I was feeling extra lazy when I made this list.

Main Dishes:

Breakfast - I usually do eggs, bacon and my own version of breakfast potatoes. I will cut up potatoes and roast them. I have a paleo sausage gravy recipe to put over the potatoes I would like to try.

Pork loin - I buy these at Costco. I use my grandma's recipe for roast that is just amazing! I will have to share the recipe on here sometime in the near future.

Hot Dogs - these are my favorite hot dogs. I buy them from Amazon Fresh for $1-2 less than the price at Sprout's. These are really good flavor plus they don't have any garbage in them.

Fish - I make it different ways all the time. I will fry it with almond flour or bake it with lemons.

Pizza - I love to make this because we have lots of leftovers. It makes a big cookie sheet. There is plenty for dinner, Art's lunch, G lunch and some for the freezer. I love to have this in the freezer to grab if I need something for mine or G's lunch.

Taco Salads - I use whatever we have for this. Ground meat, cherry tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, Daiya cheese. It all depends what we have on hand and feel like eating on our taco salad. Gone are the days when Doritos use to be on top. lol I did find some plantain chips with a taco seasoning at Sprout's recently that were really good on top of the salad. I can't remember the brand of the chips. I will have to see if I can find them again.

What is on your menu this week?